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Gemlife Financial has partnered with the largest cost reduction company in the nation.  Completion of cost segregation studies, property tax recovery, energy tax incentive audits, hiring incentives, and manufacturing tax credit studies have yielded over $500M in savings for clients to date.   Together with our national team of industry experts we will work with you to discover which services are right for your business, and can even provide a calculation of benefits that each service will yield.

The Businesses that benefit  the most, 90% of the time, are manufacturers, hotels, auto dealers, golf courses, medical facilities, software developers, restaurants, funeral homes, and commercial real estate owners. We just need your permission to put our team of specialized attorneys and CPAs to work for you.  Contact us for your free in person 15 minute survey.

Cost Segregation

Engineering-based Cost Segregation Studies permit commercial real estate owners to reclassify real property for depreciation purposes as more rapidly depreciating personal property.  An average Cost Segregation study offers approximately $150,000 in additional depreciation per $1 million in purchase or construction cost over the normal 39-year straight line method.

Specialized Tax Incentives

Our Proprietary App has helped save over $350M in Local, State, and Federal Tax Incentives to business owners. Our Industry Experts work with you to discover which incentives you are eligible for.  Your business may also qualify for hiring tax incentives that can range from $2,400 to $9,000 per qualified hire.

R&D Tax Credit

The R&D Tax Credit is a federal program listed under Section 41 of the IRC and is designed for companies performing manufacturing in the U.S.  The R&D Tax Credit provides an avenue to receive “tax money” back from prior years while also reducing current taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  An Average R&D Tax Credit Study offers approximately $20,000 to $40,000 per year for every $1 MM in total company payroll.  Companies may be eligible for three years, plus the current year.

Hiring Incentives / WOTC

Local, State, and Federal tax incentive programs allow employers to reduce taxable liability of private-for-profit employers for the hiring of qualified individuals.  Tax credits can range from $2,400 to $9,600 per qualified hire.

Property Tax Mitigation

A comprehensive property tax review provides a fair and equitable assessment of asset value with the potential to decrease companies expense and create immediate cash flow for commercial property owners / real estate investors.

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