Lisa Sanders

Lisa Sanders

Retirement Specialist

Lisa Sanders has been working with clients as a Retirement Specialist for over six years.  Before moving into safe money planning, she worked for many years helping patients to file health insurance claims.  

Lisa has been trained by some of the most experienced financial advisors in the business, and she specializes in tax-free retirement, retirement income planning, and life insurance services.  She works primarily with pre-retirees, retirees and their families, and enjoys helping her clients to find financial peace of mind.  

Lisa is unique in her field, because she doesn’t just help families reach their financial goals; she helps them to create financial legacies that live on.

In her free time, Lisa runs a hot meals and clothing ministry at her house of worship, and works with a local chapter of the Girl Scouts.  She has a natural empathy for the elderly who are left without proper caregivers, as well as the homeless population in her community.

Lisa is married and has four children.  She enjoys community service with her faith community, spending quality time with family and friends, cooking and traveling.